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Need another solution to straighten your teeth instead of metal braces? Dr. Robert Morrison and our dental professionals here at Morrison Dental Group offer a discreet and comfortable option known as ClearCorrect™. ClearCorrect™ is a great alternative to metal braces that are removable, invisible, and easier to maintain.

To get ClearCorrect™ aligners, you must first see your dentist to see if you qualify for this tooth straightening product. Your exact mouth shape and teeth formation will be sent to ClearCorrect™ facilities after your dentist takes photos, x-rays, impressions, and your teeth are scanned.

These aligners are customized and sent to your dentist to make sure they are the right fit. Only a few aligners will be sent in each time to get the best fit and adjustment every time. The aligners use pressure to move your teeth into their correct position, and this will be checked by your dentist at every appointment.

After your teeth have been adjusted, you will more than likely have a permanent retainer installed or wear a night retainer to prevent any movement. The biggest benefits of having a ClearCorrect™ aligner is the ability to remove it when eating your meals, to clean it, and take it off when you need to brush and floss your teeth.

Give our Midlothian, Virginia, office a call at 804-639-7500 to schedule a consultation or appointment today at Morrison Dental Group. Our dental professionals want to help you get your best and straightest smile with the help of ClearCorrect™ aligners!