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The process of installing a dental crown (for one tooth) or bridge (multiple teeth) first needs a dental implant. A dental implant is a titanium replacement for a tooth’s root that may have worn away with time or been damaged. Our dental office here in Midlothian, Virginia, is committed to providing the best care for you when getting a dental implant in the form of either an endosteal or subperiosteal implant.

Dental implants are positioned into the jawbone under the gum line, fused into the bone so they are a stable base for artificial teeth. This is so you can eat and speak properly without the frustration of a loose or missing tooth hindering these abilities. Two ADA approved methods include:

– An endosteal implant is placed in the jawbone and the most common type of implant used. These are typically in the form of a plate, cylinder, or small screw. Once the gum tissues have healed around it, another procedure connects a post to the implant.


– A subperiosteal implant is a metal frame installed underneath the gum, either on or above the jawbone. This is for patients with a shallow jawbone who may not want or cannot undergo a procedure to rebuild the jaw.

The final step, of course, is mounting the crown or bridge onto the posts. In order to receive a endosteal or subperiosteal implant, your gums must be healthy and have enough bone to support the implant.

Here at Morrison Dental Group, we utilize 3D imaging and our Cranial Facial Imaging Center to give you the right fit and placement of a dental implant. CEREC technology we own also provides customized dental care for you. Mini implants are another option if you’re looking for a cheaper, quick option. Give us a call at 804-639-7500 to make an appointment or meet up for a consultation to determine what course of action is best for you and your smile.