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Your teeth are strong, reliable, and effective oral bones that help you eat, speak, and smile. You’ve had them most of your life, so you probably think you know everything about them, right? Well, that might not be true. Our dental team at Morrison Dental Group in Midlothian, VA, would like to help you learn a little more about teeth by giving you some chomper facts!

Your toothbrush and floss might not actually be your teeth’s best friend. Although they are extremely close, saliva can also save your chompers. Saliva is your smile’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting and preventing dental issues. This is because it constantly washes bacteria and harmful particles away from your teeth and gums.

Snacking and sipping might put your teeth and gums in danger. This is because acid and bacteria wish to attack our smile all day every day, and sipping and snacking throughout the day makes that possible. If you constantly eat and drink, the acid and bacteria have plenty of opportunities to harm your smile.

Your teeth and oral health are linked to your overall health. This means if you suffer dental issues, your entire body could suffer. For example, if you have gum disease, there is a chance you could have or worsen health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. So, if you care for your teeth and gums, you’re also caring for your body.

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