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Everyone wants to enjoy excellent oral health and a beautiful smile, but this can only be done if your smile isn’t struggling with dental health issues. Our dentist and team in Midlothian, VA, have provided information on four dental health problems that can prevent you from greeting the new year with a healthy smile:

Plaque is a sticky white film that builds up on your teeth and can be very dangerous to your smile if not removed regularly. Plaque is one of the main causes of tooth decay and gum disease, but regular dental care and visits to your dentist can prevent plaque from reducing your dental health.

Plaque that hardens at the gum line is called tartar and can lead to gum disease by irritating and infecting the gums. Only professional dental cleanings can remove tartar, which is why you should visit the dentist regularly.

Tooth Decay 
Tooth decay often develops from inconsistent oral hygiene or tooth much sugary or acidic products in your diet. Proper dental care such as daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing, and regular visits to the dentist can reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Poor Diet 
A big incentive to eat healthy is that foods such as dairy, raw vegetables, and crisp fruits can contribute to a healthier smile, whereas lots of sugar and acidic foods can weaken your tooth enamel.

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