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Our dental team in Midlothian, VA, wants you to have a successful, efficient, and positive dental appointment. In order to make that happen, we work with top-of-the-line dental technology. One top-notch machine we use regularly is the CEREC® machine. This machine can create dental crowns within one appointment. This is handy because traditionally dental crowns are made in a dental lab, which requires a waiting period of weeks or months.

CEREC is a digital machine that can design and create a dental crown that is right for you in a short amount of time. It uses the information your dentist provides to manufacture the restoration you need to improve your oral health and smile. This machine was created in 1980 and uses CAD/CAM technology. Since its early days, it has helped dentists, dental teams, and patients restore full function to individual teeth. Many people love CEREC because of its effectiveness in a timely manner. Lastly, the CEREC machine can make more than just the traditional dental crown. It can also make other restorations, like dental veneers, dental inlays and onlays, dental bridges, and more to help you have the strong, healthy, and beautiful smile you deserve.

To learn more about same-day crowns in Midlothian, VA, please contact Morrison Dental Group at 804-639-7500 when you have the chance. Our dental team will be more than happy to teach you all you need to know about CEREC and the other high-tech machines we use at our office.