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Your teeth’s inner structures are protected by a hard protective layer known as tooth enamel, which is very strong thanks to its microscopic and densely packed mineral crystals that help you bite and chew tough foods. The quality of your tooth enamel determines how well it can prevent bacteria in the mouth from forming pockets of tooth decay, or cavities, in the teeth.

Your tooth enamel can suffer if you regularly consume lots of acidic foods and drinks or your smile contains a lot of bacteria, because these can erode the mineral crystals and develop sensitivity to acidic, sweet, hot, or cold foods if channels form from the tooth enamel into the tooth. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity due to enamel erosion, our dentist here in Midlothian, VA, may recommend fluoride treatment to improve the tooth enamel.

Insufficient or inconsistent exposure to fluoride enables the enamel to erode and develop microscopic channels directly into the more sensitive layers of the tooth. A common symptom of enamel erosion is a sharp pain when you consume cold, hot, acidic, or sweet food.

If you and our team determine that enamel erosion is causing your tooth sensitivity, we can provide treatment such as in-office fluoride application, fluoride supplements, or a recommendation for fluoride toothpaste to improve the quality of your tooth enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

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