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If you’ve ever paid attention to a single commercial or advertisement for dental products, you’ve likely seen them saying that they can prevent plaque buildup. It sounds good, but what exactly is plaque? And why do you want to prevent it from building up in your mouth?

Well, thankfully this is a common question that has a really simple answer. Today, we’ll take a look at what plaque is, why you should avoid letting it build up in your mouth, and how to do just that.

What is it?
Plaque is that sticky, grimy coating your teeth have in the morning before you brush your teeth. It’s that grimy feeling your teeth have when you haven’t brushed lately. In short, plaque is essentially a buildup of all the sugar and bacteria that you’ve ingested throughout the day. It settles on the surface of your teeth, making them feel rough and dirty instead of smooth and clean.

Why do I need to avoid it?
The team at Morrison Dental Group in Midlothian, VA, urges you to avoid plaque buildup because letting plaque hang around in your mouth is the number one cause of cavities. If you don’t avoid plaque buildup, it’ll settle against your teeth, hardening into a haven for bacteria. Those bacteria can not only give you cavities, but affect your gum health as well.

How do I avoid it?
The best way to avoid plaque buildup is to brush and floss regularly. Mouthwash is a great option to use as well, since it’s a sort of rinse after you’ve already cleaned with your toothbrush and floss.

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