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A lot of people think that only old folks need to get dentures. While there are certainly a lot of older people who do get dentures, they’re not the only ones who need it. The denture process is something that people of all ages go through.

But how do you know when you’ll need to go through it for yourself? Well, that’s what we put this post together for. We want to help inform you of when you may need dentures, and how to avoid losing teeth in the first place.

Major tooth loss
If you’ve lost a ton of teeth, then dentures are a really good option. Losing just one or two teeth can usually be fixed with dental implants or bridges. The problem is that, if you’ve lost that many teeth, you likely don’t have the jaw health to support implants for every single tooth.

Dentures, however, sit right over your gums and don’t impact your jaw health. The team at Morrison Dental Group in Midlothian, VA, can help you determine if you’ve had too much tooth loss to support implants.

Oral health problems
If you lost your teeth due to oral health problems, like gum disease, then it’s tougher to get dental implants. Even though they’re fake teeth, you still have to clean them like real ones. If not, you’ll end up with the same oral health problems you had with your real teeth.

In that case, you may get recommended dentures instead of implants.

Regardless of what type of tooth replacement process you go with, we’re happy to help restore your smile to the stage we all know it deserves to be at. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call our team in Midlothian, VA, today at 804-639-7500.